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Nneka--Concrete Jungle (Show Your Love)



Shout outs to ma partenaire Marion Lombardi for all of her help in keeping the podcast rolling along smoothly. She's currently on assignment and trying to catch up with E. Badu during her stint in London. So, have you heard of Nneka? People are still emailing us about Nneka's latest album titled "Concrete Jungle". In our opinion, it is one of the most complete and soulful works of the year. Case in point, well, listen to this groove titled "Come With Me" which we've recently put in heavy rotation. Thanks to Jamiena Shah (Toronto) and producer Stico Von Drake (Chicago) for their drops. Thanks always to the Facebook and Twitter Massive for continued support. Because of you, we have more music on the way. Stay tuned....

dj come of age...

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Door Kickin' (Akai)--by Shade Cobain
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Omaha's Finest: DJ Brent Crampton

Brent Crampton is single handedly putting the city of Omaha on the map. I had the pleasure of making his acquaintance this past weekend. After witnessing his remarkable set of splendid house music, I asked if he'd contribute a mix to our show. Brent obliged and the result is the posting of his "Deep Coffee House Mix". Check out more of his work via his site at . A noted DJ, graphic designer, publicist and many other talents. Brent is, in a word, remarkable and we look forward to sharing more of his work in the near future. Better yet, the day will come when we will share the stage. You may have to come to Omaha to see it, but it will be worth the wait. Until next time, enjoy!!


Brent Crampton

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Introducing Chicago's Finest:  DJ Fathom


Even though we missed the opportunity to meet Fathom DJ in person during our recent trip to Chicago, we won't dare miss the chance to re-post her mix. You all deserve this. For everyone who ever claimed to love House Music , this one's for you. Download, share, enjoy and please echo sentiments of support for Fathom DJ. She's a movement all her own and you can find her blogging, speaking, and daring to plead for your support. Indeed, her voice is one for the people. To Fathom DJ, we want you to know we are listening and we'll see you next time around. For our audience, we say thanks for your support over the years. It's what keeps us going strong.



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Herma Puma: Pimp Rocker

Herma Puma: Pimp Rocker

We want to continue bringing you the best in music all year long. Fresh off my road trip to Chicago, this track comes from supaproducers Herma Puma.  Herma Puma is the duo of  Simple X and Pimpernel Jones.
 I'll be the first to admit that I'm a beat fanatic. Instrumentals and dope beatz are a fine passion for this ageless B-Boy. No wonder I like to share and promote the music  of the ill headz who are creating these masterpieces. The timing couldn't be more perfect as the new album from Herma Puma drops today on First Word Records and globally on iTunes, Amazon, and all digital stores. Show your love and expand your playlist with some "real" hip hop. Without further adieu we give you a snippet of  Herma Puma. Enjoy.



Herma Puma
1. 7/12 release date on itunes, amazon, etc.
2. 7" single comes with free download code for lp
Twitter Following @hermapuma @SimpleXmusic  or connect with them on Facebook !
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We're on Twitter now and loving it.  @djcomeofage so find us there. This snippet of a mix features Memee Nelzy, Nicole Willis, and Ayah. Download, share, and enjoy...the full mix is coming soon.



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