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Aletta: A Jump At The Sun Well, the first two songs ('Drowning' and the title-track 'A jump at the Sun') were posted yesterday, and it won't be long till some more songs of my album will be online too.
The album is now very close to it's release, and I wanted to let you know, not just about me, but also about the other people who worked on this album.

I started writing these songs last year, just me and my piano. Back then I just had the ideas and some sounds in my head. With those ideas I went to Mack (aka Illyg@ll) who is a great producer. Every one of you should check him out, he's in my top-friends!
I would like to thank everybody that worked and helped me on making this album, I've worked with the greatest. So for everyone who doesn't know yet.. These are the names behind the beautiful art and music, these are the album credits:

- All songs written and performed by Aletta
- All songs produced by Mack aka Illyg@ll(exept 'over you' by Mack and Dopey)
- Bass by Erik Rademakers
- Artwork by Kiko (Luis Fortes)
- Artwork inspired by pic Hans van Eijsden
- Mastered by Budy Mokoginta
- Lay-out by Maud van Velthoven
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