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Koku Gonza: So High (Confessions of a Songwriter)

​Koku Gonza is the definition of natural talent. She is a singer who specializes in song writing and her music can be categorized in different genres-- nu soul, rhythm and blues, electro soul, etc.

Koku was influenced by two key musicians in her life--her father and her mother. Her father, a renowned Tanzanian composer and guitarist, exposed Koku to the African music of his roots.  Koku Gonza's mother, a flute/sax player and a cultured musician from the U.S. , shared her knowledge in multiple genres such as Gospel, Jazz and Classical music with Koku.  Koku Gonza inclines the creativity of a combination of various styles of music. 

At a young age, Koku learned how to play piano and sang Gospel in the Classical Citywide children's choir. While attending college, she studied music production and song writing at Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington before deciding to pursue a career in the music industry.

Koku Gonza's voice is unique. Her love for the guitar has resulted in mandatory accompaniment with most of her songs, but she works with different instruments to create her unique sound.

She performed at the Chicago Soul Music Festival with the Legendary ROY AYERS, the Super Soul event with Grammy Nominated YAHZARAH from Foreign Exchange and the Peace House Africa -Tanzania Exposed, an organization which shelters AIDS orphans, with Grammy Nominated MATTHEW SANTOS.

Her style can be heard in a jumping house beat or a soft melodic down tempo tune.

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Aletta: A Jump At The Sun Well, the first two songs ('Drowning' and the title-track 'A jump at the Sun') were posted yesterday, and it won't be long till some more songs of my album will be online too.
The album is now very close to it's release, and I wanted to let you know, not just about me, but also about the other people who worked on this album.

I started writing these songs last year, just me and my piano. Back then I just had the ideas and some sounds in my head. With those ideas I went to Mack (aka Illyg@ll) who is a great producer. Every one of you should check him out, he's in my top-friends!
I would like to thank everybody that worked and helped me on making this album, I've worked with the greatest. So for everyone who doesn't know yet.. These are the names behind the beautiful art and music, these are the album credits:

- All songs written and performed by Aletta
- All songs produced by Mack aka Illyg@ll(exept 'over you' by Mack and Dopey)
- Bass by Erik Rademakers
- Artwork by Kiko (Luis Fortes)
- Artwork inspired by pic Hans van Eijsden
- Mastered by Budy Mokoginta
- Lay-out by Maud van Velthoven
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We're NOT Who You Think We Are!
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1. Larie II - Average Brother
2. Ambersunshower - Chide
3. Priscilla Cruz - Crushin
4. 45 - Fagettabouttit feat.Youngs
5. 45 - Sole Muzic feat.Suji Tap
6. Jill Scott - It's Love
7. Meemee Nelzy - Soulagée
8. The Brand New Heavies - We've Got
9. Tone Trezure - come with me
10.Angela Johnson - Days
11.Macy Gray - On & On
12.D' Cheri - I'm Alive
13.Kenny Lattimore - Just What it Takes (Human Rhythm Remix)
14.Leela James - So Cold
15.Aaradhna - I Love You Too
16.Yahzarah - Love Come Save The Day
17.Foreign Exchange - Nic's Groove
18.A Race Of Angels - We
19.Lauren Santiago - autumn enemy
20.Five Point Plan - Solid Ground
21.Angela Johnson - Indie In Me
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