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DJ Eric: The Saga Continues

We spoke briefly with DJ Eric earlier in the week. He's currently balancing life as a superstar DJ and soon to be label owner. He confessed that after all these years, his mixes are starting to take him place beyond the walls of his quaint studio. The first mix we posted by DJ Eric was well received! At times, we couldn't keep up with the influx of "fan" mail that found it's way to our inbox. You'd figure that he'd be used to it by now. LOL! A kind person and with an even gentler demeanor, DJ Eric will shun the spotlight everytime. That's okay because that's where we come in to sing worthy praises and even more deserved accolades. So on behalf of everyone who vibes to this brand of music, we are set to bob our heads in agreement and extend a virtual embrace to DJ Eric. All the best bro!


DJ Eric

This featured mix includes the music of John Legend, Choklate, Dwayne Wiggins, Incognito, V, Jay Dee, Platinum Pied Pipers, Maxwell, Darien, and others. Please support the artists and feel free to share the mix.

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Introducing Philip Clark: World Turns Around -undefined-
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Bashiyra : Don't Get In My Face

We love our work here at the DJ Consortium. Connecting beautiful music with wonderful people. Today's offering showcases the artistry of Bashiyra and we are elated to bring you "Don't Get In My Face" as a featured download! Take a minute to review her biography and you will discover that she is a seasoned performer with a stellar resume backing the likes of Patti Labelle, Diana Ross, and others. Bashiyra's onstage presence is captivating, her voice powerful, the music full of substance and appeal. If you're lucky enough to catch her live, or in between Atlanta and London, so much the better! Until then, keep updated with Bashiyra's music by visiting her at her homesite!

Her new album is titled "Thought You Knew" and is now available on iTunes,, and . This is a winner and we predict it won't be long before you'll add to your playlists. Let us know your thoughts and reach out to us and support the work of our friend Bashiyra!

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Introducing the Soulrific Podcast Show -undefined-
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Gabbie McGee: Mississippi's Daughter

We've been in contact with some wonderful artists the past few weeks. I was so happy, elated even, to speak with Gabbie McGee. See, Gabbie and I "met" a few years ago shortly after I listened to her debut cd "Certified Soul Starring Gabbie McGee...". We featured the track 'Bobbie's Groove' on one of our early editions of the podcast. Since then, we've been bragging about and promoting her talent to people all over ther world. It was satisfying to talk to and reminisce with Gabbie all the wonderful things the music has done for both of us. I am happy to see  her growth as an artists and fortunate to know her thus far.

Gabbie continues to support us as well and she quickly responded to our request for a few songs that we could share with everyone. So here's to a few more years of talking about Gabbie McGee. Feel free to download, share, and purchase her new album now available at CD Baby... and iTunes. She's as sweet a person as she is talented. Enjoy and keep in touch.

DJ Come of Age

global reach--global appeal

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DJ Eric--The April Mixxtape
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