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Introducing Soul Monique (London)

I came across Soul Monique's Podcast on Facebook. Yeah, on the page of a mutual friend and future video blogger, Marion! Seeing as we have very similar tastes, I sampled the Soul Monique Show and instantly fell in love. Not only does she play and support great soul music, she's been doing so for years ! Selfless and genuine, it pays to connect with kind personalities in this business. My hope is that you'll reach out and show your love as well. Take an interest in the Soul Monique Show, subscribe on iTunes and you'll see what I mean. Consider this a welcome opportunity to spruce up your playlists and further expand your musical horizons!

DJ Come of Age

Soul Monique

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Gagnez Poet: Perception -undefined-
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Eric Daniel and Friends: Art of Sax

How about a touch of some sweet jazz today? This should soothe your soul. We feature the sounds of Eric Daniel and Friends. They bring us the "Art of Sax" with this podcast episode. Now, how about you indulge in the melody and support our friends from Rome, Italia!   Find the crew on Twitter at

This is just a taste of the music they have to offer. As always, support the artists with a purchase of the album or digital download. We look forward to your feedback and thanks for allowing us to share our passion with each of you.

DJ Come of Age

24 March 2010

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