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Meemee Nelzy: Soul of the French West Indies

We are very happy to introduce you to the music of Meemee Nelzy. She's beautiful and we're doing our part to spread her sound to the masses. Hailing from the French West Indies, he sound is a complete, satisfying dose of Hip Hop-Soul and Creole. It's an amalgamation of all things wonderful and pure. Have you seen her video yet? The track it titled "L'Essentiel" and it recently caught our ear, our attention. Be sure to download this featured track "Soulangee" and then reach out to Meemee Nelzy and support her music. Her new album is now "disponible partout" available everywhere. Enjoy the music.

 P.S. I'd be totally remiss without giving credit to my friend  Marion Carminelitta London for introducing us to Meemee's music. She's an established blogger and soul certified music lover in her own right. Look for big things coming from her and find her exceptional literary gems here!


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