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Introducing DJ Phaze...Worldwide There's only one DJ Phaze! 

In the US, PHAZE is on the Guest DJ roster at premier venues in the Washington, DC metro area on select nights. Formerly a member of the Adidas DJ “In-Store Crew” for 3 years, PHAZE has been spinning at PUMA in Georgetown for the past two years as a result of the marked increase in store traffic and sales realized at his former placement.  PHAZE has mastered applying the psychology of music as it relates to the shopping experience and is credited with increasing and maintaining sales volume at PUMA Georgetown. In Short, he's a spokes-model for the brand at all public appearances & providing giveaways at his gigs mostly from his own collection.

Though based in Baltimore, he's available to travel at a moment's notice both nationally and globally. PHAZE keeps his fingers on the pulse of music from the US, to Northern Africa, and from Asia to the Caribbean.  Available for weddings, banquets, concerts, band tours, clubs...and more. Covering all genre, from acid jazz to zouk. You have an event? Need a DJ or sound system for indoor or outdoor events? Contact PHAZE today at

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