Soul Music of the World
A potent mix of neo soul, hip hop,and jazz to move and, share, and enjoy. @djcomeofage
Soulfrito Mix Radio Show:Hosted by The Brass King and Mercedes Soul
Latin Soul: A colorful tour of sounds that blends Nuyorican Soul, Earth Wind & Fire, Miami Sound Machine demo days with Maxwell serenading Nikki Giovanni & Celia Cruz cultivating Tony Touch and The Sugarhill Gang’s new grooves. Cocktails of cultural old and new Hip-Hop heard through Brass Kings ears and translated onto his turntables as they entertain, entice and inspire the listener. 

Having a diverse musical taste that ranges from Hip-Hop, Salsa, Jazz, Classical, House, Disco and Old Motown R&B, The Brass King will not only share his old vinyl and CDs but will collectively explore the many similarities of the Urban Latin and Urban African Americans. “We have many different names and descriptions for musical genera today, but it all stems from the same place – Africa!” – proclaims The Brass King, co-host and DJ. 


Got Soulfrito? Send us your old school Latin Soul, R&B of local or rare world artists that no one has heard to The Brass King and Mercedes Soul will pick their favorite submissions looking for professional recordings and high quality world music, no restrictions on genres. 

20 Questions - Interview and debut emerging talent Artists, actors, poets, producers, musical historians … share old school antidotes, talk about who influenced them most. New musical technology vs. old musical technology. Always focusing on how influential Latin music has been to Blues, Jazz, old & new R&B, old & new Hip-Hop and vice versa. 

SoulFrito Live! Performances taken from SoulFrito Live, monthly event (i.e. Little Louie Vega and Nuyorican Soul) Live studio performances of guest soloist & Brass King on the turntables. Live performances from renowned Latin Soul, and R&B Artists taken from Live! albums and/or shows. 

SoulFrito’s Flava - Brass King and Mercedes Soul will pick different hot topics, artists, songs or current events that make it the Flava of the Week

SoulFrito’s Spoken - Debuting internationally acclaimed spoken word artist from a vast archive collected and/or created by The Brass King

Love and Hate - Brass King and Mercedes Soul as well as their guest will speak on things they love and hate from places, things and music.

The Rare Grooves Segment - Brass King will play the original songs from where samples have originated of your favorite artists of today, you will be surprised.

Brass King's Mixes - a vast collection of popular mixes that have made The Brass King "The Rare Grooves Selector" in South Florida and beyond. A collection of music that overflows with soul and originality that only BK knows how to pick. Each CD has been a sought after collector's item. And you will be able to hear them only hear at The Soulfrito Mix Radio show unless you already have a copy of one of his mixes.... 
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Jarrard Anthony "Meditates" in the Underground! -undefined-
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The Latin Project :Musica De La Noche


Following the success of the bands first release Nueva Musica (Billboard #1, Grammy Nomination for remix of ?rst single, IDMA Award for Best Latin Dance Song), The Latin Project comes straight at you with a superb set of brand new songs, AND a collection of stunning remixes. Stylistically evolving to include more mid-tempo material, the album raises the bar yet again for Latin Electronica.

The album features showcase performances by vocalists Freddie Crespo (veteran performer with Tito Puente, Joe Bataan, Charlie Palmieri); Debi Nova (Sergio Mendes, Sean Paul), Lonnie Jordan (from WAR), Mitchell Long (Sergio Mendes, Bill Summers), Joel Virgel, Lauren Evans, and rapper Kool Kojak (from Urban Legend).

The CD combines 8 original recordings with remixes The Latin Project have produced artists Bebel Gilberto, Incognito and Ceci Bastida, all put together in their unique tradition-meets-electronica approach of fat beats blended with live musicianship. Also included are remixes of their new material by genre heavy-weights Shawn Lee and Supreme Beings of Leisure.

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TwinSpirit: Song About Nothing

 We've been trying to contact TwinSpirit for some time now. Ever since we heard the snippets and album tracks on Myspace. Needless to say, we managed to catch up with her recently. Not only that, but the phone conversation I had with her was quite enjoyable. This woman sings, produces, and lo and behold, she's a thriving entrepreneur too! Need a website designed? Check out TwinSpirit for that. Ahem, back to the music.

I'm pleased to introduce you to one of Atlanta's hottest singers by way of song. TwinSpirit has sent us the track titled "Song About Nothing" so we can share with our audience. Don't let the title fool you, there's a message here and I am guessing it will be well received. So download, share, enjoy , and be sure to reach out to my homegirl via the information below. As always, let us know if you vibe to this.



Twin Spirit on Myspace

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Choklate-To Whom It May Concern (Promo)


Is it really to early to pick the 2009 Album of the Year? If it is, no one told me! Get a hold of this album sampler! Three minutes, a small snippet of what Choklate's new blaze promises to be. Be sure to leave your feedback and support Choklate and good music.

Peace and love!

dj come of age

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