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Akoma Aya

Akoma Aya est un duo féminin de la scène Néo soul parisienne composé d'amies d'enfance et artistes exceptionnelles, Mayi, poète/slammeuse/chanteuse et Sissy, chanteuse/choriste.
Oui, leur musique caresse l'âme et les tympans de chaque personne qui l'écoute. Une caresse. Une claque aussi. Une claque audiovisuelle et émotionnelle. Ce duo Slam/Soul est une véritable alchimie, sa musique est imprégnée de beauté, de sincérité et d'authenticité.
Eté 2008, c'est sur la scène de l'Etage que nous la découvrons. Première claque, elle est visuelle; Mayi et Sissy sont tout simplement belles. Elles apparaissent telles deux reines d'Afrique, deux reines urbaines qui interprètent leur art avec leurs tripes. Deuxième claque: auditive. Leur musique ne ressemble à aucune autre : authenticité, originalité et technicité. Elles chantent ''Guéris", nous sommes conquis. Les yeux humides, nous venons de prendre une troisième claque. Emotionnelle. C'est sur le titre "Art Organique'' que nos larmes ont coulé. La musique d'Akoma Aya parle aux âmes. Le message est bien passé.

Le duo prépare actuellement leur premier album et recherche un label. En attendant, je vous invite (et vous conseille vivement même) à découvrir certains de leurs titres comme le très troublant "Poésie" ou encore le très poignant "Voyage d'une Flamme" (Et ça se passe là :
Akoma Aya se produit régulièrement sur scène, toutes les dates sont sur leur space :

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DJ Smoove-Chocolate Soul

"Chocōlate Sōul" is the union of 2 dj's {DJ Smoove & DJ Vibe} who share the love for Nu-Soul & Soulful House music. They are committed to bringing this music to the forefront where it belongs. Please feel free to join their movement on facebook under: chocolate soul (columbus ohio network) If you'd like to book them for an event or you would like to submit music to be featured in their mixes, please contact them at You can sample a "taste" of this dj duo by visiting their podcast at :

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Dister Berlin

I heard this mix by Dister Berlin and immediately contacted him on Facebook. He agreed to share it with everyone so here it goes. Ahhhhhhh I think you're gonna enjoy it.  Check out the scratching over the french and german introduction and the lead into the Masta Ace remix...crazy! Dister is part of the Born2Roll crew and they not only mix and produce, they are well versed in all facets of hip hop to include graffiti and graphix. Vielen danke to Dister Berlin and we hope you reach out to him as well. Enjoy the mix. Download, share it, and keep in touch.

dj come of age

dister berlin

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Velben: Randomness coming soon....
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Old School Live mixed by DJ Kaio (France)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yes! Or shall I say "oui, oui". DJ Kaio rips it up like no other on this Old School Live mixtape! He's a master blender and keeps a tight flow. So what are you waiting for? The tracklist? ha ha  Just imagine the hip hop , rap, and soul music that the scene showcased in the early nineties and beyond. Think of blends that were so nice you had to rewind the tape a couple of times. How about that scratch that was so crisp you found yourself pretending to be on the turntables....? Yeah, that's this mix and we want your feedback.


Find DJ Kaio on Facebook and be sure to hit us up there or Myspace as well. The ole familiar email address always works too.

download, share, and enjoy....

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So Natural featuring Kia Bennett (DigiSoul)
"So Natural" featuring Kia Bennett is the first song in a project put together by John Manuel (Band leader & drummer of the legendary RAMP, who gave us "Daylight") and Soulpersona (Digisoul)

"So Natural" takes you on a goosebumpy ride of jazz soul groovyness fused together with some hip hop goodness. Topped with a stunningly, delicious, creamy vocal from Ms. Bennett, this track is an essential for your collection.

"So Natural" is written and performed by Kia Bennett (Former background singer for D'Angelo), produced at Digisoul by Soulpersona, with John Manuel as Executive Producer.

This is a limited edition version, with new Digisoul mixes and remixes coming soon....
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Fantastic Planet: Adrenalin forlovers of jazz...

Soil & "Pimp" Sessions are known for their wild live performances and unique style of jazz, punk rock, and funk fusion. With the new album Planet Pimp hitting stores this week and generating great critical acclaim, Soil & "Pimp" Sessions are poised to take over the United States' alternative, club, fusion, and contemporary jazz scenes as they did in their native Japan. The Londonist aptly called it "just what jazz needs right now: an operation to remove all that’s outdated, and a much-needed adrenalin shot in the arm.” 



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