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Michael Jackson turns 50!

Michael Jackson turned 50 years's my take on MJ!


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DJ COA: Disponible Partout

One of three free instrumental tracks from the new, untitled album. Hope you like the sample . Get in touch and stay tuned for more...



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Frizzy's Groove: 101

Instrumentals....this is one of the free tracks from my new album. It will be a 15 song compilation of smooth, plush instrumental tracks. Go ahead and download this, share, enjoy, and use for non-commercial purposes. For licensing, contact me via email at . Have you seen the video reviews on Be sure to check that out and keep in touch.




DJ Come of Age

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Maxin' and Relaxin'--New Album coming soon!

DJ Come of Age has officially entered into beat production. With a library full of smooth, almost 'sinful' tracks,  listen, download, and enjoy this sample track. Keep your ear close to the street as the new album is coming out 15 December 2008! Hit me up on Myspace and keep in touch.



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Bernie Mac: You left us way too early!

I can't believe what I just read. Bernie Mac died at age 50! This is sad for me as he was one of my favorite comedians. My heart goes out to his family and may he rest in peace.

9 Aug 2008


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