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Flavorfull: Diggin4ALivin

A DJ since 1997, and more recently as a songwriter, she defines her sound through rich chord progressions, heavy beats and thick textures. From hip hop and dub/reggae, to rare funk and soul, this taste-maker brings her new blends from Austin, TX all the way up to Brooklyn, NY. In 2003, she formed HandinHand with partner Mike Genato. As shown by the songs ‘Smooth Love’ and collaborations with singer/songwriters, this fusion project puts an emphasis on flowing melodies, rich harmonies and lyrics that get at the human psyche, while keeping the beats heavy enough for head nodders around the globe. Also check out any of the 10+ eclectic DJ mixes on and visit her Myspace page where you can subscribe (for free) to her podcast. The new album from HandinHand is titled Green Streets and it will be available soon. We'll mos def keep everyone posted. Until then, enjoy this first of ten free mixes. Download, share, enjoy...


Track Listing: 1. intro 2. the doors - riders on the storm 3. röyksopp - eple 4. neptunes instrumental 5. culture club - do you really want to hurt me 6. tom tom club - genius of love 7. masters at work - get up remix 8. coldcut - beats and pieces 9. taco - putting on ritz 10. terrence trent d'arby - wishing well 11. bananarama - cruel summer 12. man parrish - hip hop be-bop (don't stop) 13. hall & oates - I can't go for that 14. george clinton - atomic dog 15. tone loc - funky cold madina 16. father mc - i'll do for you 17. micheal jackson - billie jean 18. wham - everything she wants remix 19. sos band - take your time (do it right) 20. orbital - halcyon 21. roll mottle - steppin right on out 22. genesis - invisible touch 23. love and kisses - accidental lover 24. prince - when doves cry 25. 212 north - special mix 26. eurythmics - sweet dreams (are made of these) 27. masters at work - aaliyah remix 28. outkast - the way you move 29. automan 6 - security 30. one dove – breakdown (william orbit



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