Soul Music of the World
A potent mix of neo soul, hip hop,and jazz to move and, share, and enjoy. @djcomeofage

I put this one together while on vacation in San Antonio. After 10 days or ripping and running I actually found an hour to myself. So what do I do in my downtime? I like to chill to some smooth grooves. This one features music from:

Foreign Exchange

Soul David



Lisa Shaw


Soul Basement

Stone Mecca

Be sure to keep in touch....


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coming soon....honestly!
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More of DJ Casper: 90's Hip Hop and R&B Flava

DJ Casper, aka Turntable Fitness,  is the premiere event disc jockey on the East Coast! Originally from Pittsburgh, PA he now lives in Washington, D.C.  DJ Casper has over 20 years of professional experience and he'd like to bring his live show to you! I must say this brotha is a beast on the wheels of steel. You can tell from this live set that he has a gifted ear for music, superb track selection. This mix is part of his 90's R&B Flava Series. Dig into this as Casper has already dug in the crates for us all. I promise you will enjoy it. Afterwards, reach out to Casper on Myspace...and tell him COA sent ya.


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