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DJ COA meets Bridget Gray A LettertoHipHop
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Chez Nous

The new cd is titled 'Chez Nous' and it will be available only as a digital download. Here is a sample of the album which features music by Myoshi Marilla, LaSonya Gunter, Oddlogik, Soul David, Wendisue, Teau, Corey and Jay Soul, Slowmo, Kafele Bandele, and Stico Von Drake. Look for the full release on iTunes beginning 21 August 2007.



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ONUTSS 2: Unconditional Love

ONUTSS continues to shine! Our latest mixtape in their honor is another surprise and replete with soulful gems. We titled this mix "Unconditional Love" and musicially, we continue to share our passion with Pam and Trel because their love means so much.

Drops by Poetic Sunshyne, Jo'Leon D'Avenue, and my sista DJ Renay!!! A drop by Renay?? Now you know there's some house music in rotation (lol).  Artists in play are as follows:

Trizonna McClendon


Zap Mama

Raheem Devaughn

Billy Miles

Jill Scott



Victoria Wilson James


Jazzy Jeff

Ellington Felton


Carmen Dura

Mark de Clive Lowe

Be sure to get the download, reach out to the artists and as always, bless ONUTSS with your continued support. We look forward to hearing from you.



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