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DJ Renay's Soulful House Music Session
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My story and gospel house mix were featured on  The gospel house mix is still available on their DJ Mixes Archive Page.
Formerly played at the Five Spot
Brooklyn, NY 11205 
I am a house music lover who accidentally became a DJ because of my frustration of not finding the house music I wanted on cds.  I started my journey late in the game  (age 42) and spent the past 5 years learning to mix and playing music in my livingroom for my own enjoyment.
I finally got the courage to play in public at an "Open Turntable" and, after appearing a few times, I was offered an opportunity to play during the breaks of the regular band and eventually advanced to playing 4 and 5 hour sets. 
For the detailed story of my DJ Journey... stop by  I want to be an inspiration for those who think that age hinders your dreams...It really doesn't....Dreams are meant to be followed and realized...You've just more patience to do it at an older age.
I developed a passion for soulful and gospel house music after hearing selections from SuSu Bobien, Barbara Tucker, Cece Rogers, Kenny Bobien and the list goes on.
"Gospel house music inspires me and assures me that it's gonna be alright - even when I am frustrated and unsure of my next step. It deposits my troubles in a safe place until I am ready to pick them up again - mostly in a better state of mind than when I started.  That's why I love gospel house music."
1.   For Devotion (I Want You Mix) - K.C.Y.C.
2.   Miscommunicate (Soul harmonica Remix) - Rachel Claudio &          
  Nicholas Vautier
3.   Ol' Skool Vibe - Nu Soul Orchestra
4.   Stay Together - Barbara Tucker
5.   Mixdown (Strictly Rhythm Sampler 2007) - Grand High Priest
6.   Stompin' Grounds - K.C.Y.C.
7.   Stop - Fred Everything & JT Donaldson
8.   Jam Session -Troydon
9.   P 2 Da J - Dennis Ferrer
10. Whispers in the Dark - (Kings of Tomorrow Remix) - STP
11. Open Up - Jazz n Groove
12. Lose Control - Chrissy Brewer
13. Trabajar (Innate Soul Remix) - Andre Harris
14. I Wanna Go - DJ Romain feat Emory Toler    
15. Do You Even Know - Rachel Claudio

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