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The Return---Back in the Mixx!

Peace fam! I'm back in the mix now. I must admit the hiatus was planned. Took a minute to reflect on where we're going and where we've been. As it turns out, we're on the right track. Thank God for friends like Myoshi, ONUTSS, Carmen McDonald, Tara Caballero, and a slew of others who have, in their own way, boosted my spirits. So here is the format to digest: A new mix every two weeks and a weekly spotlight artist as the free download.

"The Return" features music from Shanelle Gabriel, Elyse "Elle" Johnson, Carmen Dura, Liquid Lounge, Foreign Exchange and Peven Everett, Big Brooklyn Red, Queen Sheba, and Sean Mooney.

The show has grown by leaps and bounds. Many guest djs have appeared the past two months. Be sure to get all the downloads, burn 'em, and share them with others. Also visit us on iTunes. Stay tuned for the first in a series of mixes titled 'ONUTSS' as we show love to One Nation Under the Soul Shack. The best is yet to come....

                                        The Return

Intro                                                 Thin P (Japan)

Start Something                               Shanelle Gabriel

Come Around                                  Foreign Exchange

Love It                                              Choklate

Sonrise                                              Stico Von Drake

Interlude                                           DJ COA

Slums of Paradise                                      Wayna

Blue                                                  Carmen Dura

Pawns                                               Queen Sheba

Still Here                                          Anonomas

My Destiny                                       Big Brooklyn Red

COA’s Groove                                 Sean Mooney

My Peoples                                       Jazzy Jeff

Driftin                                              Elle aka That Chick

Martin’s Civil Break                        Bekay the Brass King


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