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Soul David on Mercedes Benz Podcast!!!

I predict that in two years, Soul David will be one of the biggest names in soul music. I can't say enough about his talent and unique appeal as a performer. Soul David and his producer, Italy's FaraOne4, were recently recognized on the Mercedes Benz Mixed-Tape and Podcast!! This is indeed an honor and the recognition is providing excellent publicity and acclaim. We rebroadcast the Mercedes episode featuring Soul David. Listen for yourself and remember, only two years....



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DJ Purple: After Hours House Mix

This one is for Trel, Sista Suga, Paloma, Jazzy Blue, and all my friends and fam who love deep, soulful House Music. Let me introduce you to DJ Purple from Chicago! I've known Purple (Reginald Davenport) for over ten years now. We connected over House Music and share a bond and a passion for it that has taken us to many countries in pursuit of the sound. Trust me when I say Reggie, I mean DJ Purple, is one of the most humble men on the planet. With a vinyl collection of over 5,000 records and nearly as many mixes, he is sure to have the track you're looking for.

DJ Purple's roots are in Chicago. Being the birthplace of House, it's full of energy, creativity, and a legacy of great DJs. Remember the whole scene that took the world by storm in the Eighties? Yeah, in the beginning there was Jack!!! Purple continues to carry the torch for Chi-Town and everyone who moves to the tune of House. "And this is fresh....."



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DJ Wrex: Chillout Live Volume 2

DJ Wrex is the truth!! A master technician on the turntables, he brings neo soul and hip hop to life one mix at a time. Hailing from Duarte, CA his calendar is full of showdates. If you're not lucky enough to catch him live, then check the mix via download. We're gonna feature more of DJ Wrex on the show in the future. The response we've received so far is flattering to say the least. Thanks for the support and enjoy Wrex with the Chillout Live Set: Volume 2!


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