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Carmen Rodgers: Free

Every so often a superstar is discovered -a star that is untouchable and appears to transcend all earthly boundaries. But, there is nothing about Carmen Rodgers that is untouchable, yet her music definitely says superstar. In fact, she is so touchable that you can literally feel the warmth of her broad smile. Her "home girl next door" charm resonates through a serenic flow of words that seems to invade your most private thoughts. It's the delivery of those words that is refreshingly calm and patient making you want to scream, "Take your time, girl!" You sense that she is not singing words, but experiences and the issues of her heart. Probably because she truly singing from the core of her heart. Carmen has the talent and ability to inspire millions of people . . .one heart at a time with her debut release "Free."


"her music moves and inspires me , her voice at times bringing tears to my eyes"

dj come of age

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