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Niki Andre: Lost Girl

It's fumbling in the dark but knowing I have wings...and so do you.
First Light has been a labour of love and determination for me.  And
Girl is the single that started it all...Stay tuned for Dawn's Rise."

Niki Andre is the daughter of a jazz musician and a child of music
theatre, whose format-defying blend of hip hop and jazz has attracted
world wide.  Her debut release, First Light, is catching spins at over
stations and shows - from Australia to North America and all across
Europe.  This self-proclaimed diva has coined the term "Dirty Jazz" to
describe her raw improvisational sound.  If you haven't heard of her
you will.  First Light has already crept onto college charts and itâ??s
gaining accolades from hosts and DJs around the globe!  Niki has been
performing since she was a child and works as a studio background
vocalist.  Past shows include performances at Revival, Trane, Ciao
The Drake and The Urban Music Association of Canada's Future Soul
Showcase.  Internationally, Niki headlined at the exclusive Summer Fete
Festival in Alys Beach, Florida.  She's  been invited back to
in their Casvita Fest in the Spring of 2007.



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