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Music to smile about!  Stico Von Drake

This post is borne out of love! See, I love all the support I receive from everyone. It motivates me to achieve more every day. As a result, the effort remains intact to find music which will touch your very soul. In the modern era, no sound exudes my vibe more than the music of Stico Von Drake. From Richmond-VA, Buck Buck Productions is as sweet as it gets. The album is titled "Sacrifices" and it will make you a believer like the Loose Ends of old. In a word, it's marvelous!  Read more about Sticko below and be sure to get your copy of "Sacrifices" today! You owe it to yourself.


STICO VONDRAKE was born in 1972 in Chicago, Illinois. He lost his sight at the age of 7, and was totally blind until the age of 17, at which time he regained sight in his left eye. Stico moved to Richmond, Virginia at the age of 14 due to his motherâ??s job. He graduated from high school in 1993. Instead of college, he took up part time jobs at McDonald's,  Burger King, TIME LIFE, Inc., landscaping companies, etc...,all to support his music career. He is currently devoting 18 to 24 hours a day to changing other peoples lives through the gifts given to him by the Creator. He is a session producer as well as a fluent drum, bass, and keyboard player. Stico has been producing for 12 years. He is currently the sole producer for production company, Buck Buck Productions, located in Richmond, VA. His production artillery includes the Roland VS2480-CD, Roland VS2400, ASR-10, and ASR Rack mount, Ensoniq Workstation MR-76, A Station made by Novation, Ibanez acoustic bass, Fender P-Bass, Fender Fretless J-Bass, all percussions, drums, and acoustic piano just to name a few. Stico Vondrake has worked with a host of creative beings such as Black Waxx recording artist Nana Soul, worldwide recording artist Jarrard Anthony, recording artists S/O/U/N/D/P/R/O/O/F, former Miss DC and recording artist Rashida Jolley, up and coming recording artist Goldie Braun, world renowned poet Latisha Devine, The Dells, The OJays and countless others.

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