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Untamed Tongues Poetry Lounge Show!

"Ambiance is Everything".  There is no place in the world quite like the Untamed Tongues Poetry Lounge. Headed by Warrick "The Husbandman" and Takicha Roundtree, this venue is the nation's premiere platform of spoken word talent. Responsible for breathing new life into poetry, their stage has catapulted both independent musicians and spoken word artists to new heights. My longstanding relationship with Warrick dates back many moons. He introduced me to Bekay the Brass King as well as countless artists featured on my show. With due respect, I now give him a proper introduction.

Listen closely to the voice, the delivery, the passion which with he delivers message and song. My own style, a mere emulation of his natural gift. This is the Untamed Tongues! This is Mr. Roundtree doing what he does best! So welcome to the spot! Tell a friend, pull up a chair, and prepare to be entertained with only the best in neo soul and spoken word majesty!

Untamed Tongues Poetry Lounge Show


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