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Flo is a female artist from the French West Indies. She writes in English, French, and last but not least in her native tongue of Creole. She mixes languages and styles in her own way. A product of her heritage, she writes about her traveling experiences in France, the U.S. and the Caribbean. A young black woman who is not afraid to show her emotions Flo will make you think, dance, and overall offer good steady vibes to your ears. Her sophomore release The Lost Flows mixtape shows what you can experience with Flos music. She drops twenty tracks and unites with fellow South Floridian Creole Hip Hop protagonists Mecca and Dr Zoe on Nap Monte, a Creole anthem in the name of the Kreyol Hip Hop movement in Miami. She brings some flavor to the tape with a surprising Zouk song, or reggae and dancehall tones. Flo is definitely a proof of Hip Hops global horizons of growth. Her first LP, the Aflowdiziak is also available and merits some attention. Flo features on the Pass Di Rhum Riddim album (2004) with international artists like Exxos, Admiral T, Krys, or Tiwony. This year she scores another vibrant song on the international KSS Caribbean sessions with artists like Jocelyne Beroard (songstress of the international sensation Zouk band, Kassav) or the original voice of Jamaica, Tanya Stephens. In the United States, Flo has worked with nationwide artists such as X=144 of TDP, and Sol-Illaquist of Sounds. Flo gets involved in the local Miami community as a photograph and community writer. She also helps up and coming artists to build their visual personality through her graphic works.


Sista Flo

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