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Nick Nack

From vinyl manipulation on the turntables, to current production of jazz infused hiphop tracks, Crowd Control Records CEO, NickNack is a true soundcraftsman. His musical journey began in the late 80's after making the transition from hiphop spectator to participant. Cutting his teeth from the very beginning as a young appreciative turntablist knocking off rivals at Dallas' Sound Wars battles in the mid-nineties, Nick has worked hard to encompass a broad vision of ability, and a verbose sense of instrumentality, to match his already fruitful passion for music.

These days you can find Nick performing/touring with the jazz band BLAZE, or hear him rocking dance floors at various downtown clubs. Most recently, Nick has been enjoying the success of his latest full length release, "Improving Silence". The record has garnered him international attention and sales have been phenomenal. His progression as an artist and deejay is quite obvious, but his job is never done. Always in exploration of advancing his full turntablist potentials, and with countless projects on the horizon, Nick has grown into a unique artist, in a constant search of endeavors new and improved. Stay tuned, because this is only the beginning.

Quick Mix 27:


Memphix "Neighborhood" inst
Mos Def/Talib "Respiration RMX"
Electric Company "Respect Life" inst
Pete Rock "Take Your Time"
Freddie Kruger "Angler" inst
Mountain Brothers "Paper Chase"
Hezekiah "Gypsy Slang" inst
PUTS "Montego Slay" inst
C-Mon & Kypski "Ode to Rhoades" inst
Eratik Statik "Keep Rockin" inst
YNQ/Bobbi Humphrey "Uno Esta" inst
Poisen Pen "Fallback" inst
Ugly Duckling "Rio de Jeneiro" inst


Nick Nack

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