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November Promise

Carlos and I go way back. A young producer with a lot of promise, his music is a rare blend of multiple styles. Here is a sneak peak to from his soon to be released debut album. Much more on this young prodigy coming very soon. We present to you C-Stylez from Miami, Florida! Tune in now to listen and download  "November Promise"!




As a young producer i have come across many aspects of life. Things like Love, Trails, and most of all the Society in which we dwell made my age look like nothing in this buisness. I am 18 years of age, been dropping beats since I was 13. Long time comming to finally get recognition! (Laughs looking down) But it took alot of people's help. Theres something I do want to say to all of you, the loves and thoes haters of my music. Although I may not talk to you or we once had a friendship or we cant stand eachother, the music you hear is deep and clear enough to here your story. Everyone influences! (Says in serious tone) The music industry is about Drama. I want my industry to be about life, and the people living it! DALE!"


Contact C-Stylez for production now via email and Myspace!

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