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Corey: It Just Iz.....the wait is finally over!

 I predict that in the years to come, many of us will remember the first time we heard the beauty of Corey's voice. One of my greatest rewards occurs when listeners write to tell how thankful they are at the musical introductions! It will suffice to say this will be the beginning of a long lasting relationship. Our journey takes us to Amsterdam--Netherlands where Corey's debut album "Movin' On" has been released to rave reviews. A killer 16 track production, she has opened for the likes of John Legend, Adina Howard, and amazed crowds at the North Sea Jazz Festival. Isn't it about time you whet the appetite for deep soul with global reach and mass appeal?  Reach out , feel the vibe, and get to know one of my dear friends whose career is poised to take flight.


Official Website

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Feel My Flo!!!  Free Download of the Week

Flo is a female artist from the French West Indies. She writes in English, French, and last but not least in her native tongue of Creole. She mixes languages and styles in her own way. A product of her heritage, she writes about her traveling experiences in France, the U.S. and the Caribbean. A young black woman who is not afraid to show her emotions Flo will make you think, dance, and overall offer good steady vibes to your ears. Her sophomore release The Lost Flows mixtape shows what you can experience with Flos music. She drops twenty tracks and unites with fellow South Floridian Creole Hip Hop protagonists Mecca and Dr Zoe on Nap Monte, a Creole anthem in the name of the Kreyol Hip Hop movement in Miami. She brings some flavor to the tape with a surprising Zouk song, or reggae and dancehall tones. Flo is definitely a proof of Hip Hops global horizons of growth. Her first LP, the Aflowdiziak is also available and merits some attention. Flo features on the Pass Di Rhum Riddim album (2004) with international artists like Exxos, Admiral T, Krys, or Tiwony. This year she scores another vibrant song on the international KSS Caribbean sessions with artists like Jocelyne Beroard (songstress of the international sensation Zouk band, Kassav) or the original voice of Jamaica, Tanya Stephens. In the United States, Flo has worked with nationwide artists such as X=144 of TDP, and Sol-Illaquist of Sounds. Flo gets involved in the local Miami community as a photograph and community writer. She also helps up and coming artists to build their visual personality through her graphic works.


Sista Flo

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Nick Nack

From vinyl manipulation on the turntables, to current production of jazz infused hiphop tracks, Crowd Control Records CEO, NickNack is a true soundcraftsman. His musical journey began in the late 80's after making the transition from hiphop spectator to participant. Cutting his teeth from the very beginning as a young appreciative turntablist knocking off rivals at Dallas' Sound Wars battles in the mid-nineties, Nick has worked hard to encompass a broad vision of ability, and a verbose sense of instrumentality, to match his already fruitful passion for music.

These days you can find Nick performing/touring with the jazz band BLAZE, or hear him rocking dance floors at various downtown clubs. Most recently, Nick has been enjoying the success of his latest full length release, "Improving Silence". The record has garnered him international attention and sales have been phenomenal. His progression as an artist and deejay is quite obvious, but his job is never done. Always in exploration of advancing his full turntablist potentials, and with countless projects on the horizon, Nick has grown into a unique artist, in a constant search of endeavors new and improved. Stay tuned, because this is only the beginning.

Quick Mix 27:


Memphix "Neighborhood" inst
Mos Def/Talib "Respiration RMX"
Electric Company "Respect Life" inst
Pete Rock "Take Your Time"
Freddie Kruger "Angler" inst
Mountain Brothers "Paper Chase"
Hezekiah "Gypsy Slang" inst
PUTS "Montego Slay" inst
C-Mon & Kypski "Ode to Rhoades" inst
Eratik Statik "Keep Rockin" inst
YNQ/Bobbi Humphrey "Uno Esta" inst
Poisen Pen "Fallback" inst
Ugly Duckling "Rio de Jeneiro" inst


Nick Nack

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November Promise

Carlos and I go way back. A young producer with a lot of promise, his music is a rare blend of multiple styles. Here is a sneak peak to from his soon to be released debut album. Much more on this young prodigy coming very soon. We present to you C-Stylez from Miami, Florida! Tune in now to listen and download  "November Promise"!




As a young producer i have come across many aspects of life. Things like Love, Trails, and most of all the Society in which we dwell made my age look like nothing in this buisness. I am 18 years of age, been dropping beats since I was 13. Long time comming to finally get recognition! (Laughs looking down) But it took alot of people's help. Theres something I do want to say to all of you, the loves and thoes haters of my music. Although I may not talk to you or we once had a friendship or we cant stand eachother, the music you hear is deep and clear enough to here your story. Everyone influences! (Says in serious tone) The music industry is about Drama. I want my industry to be about life, and the people living it! DALE!"


Contact C-Stylez for production now via email and Myspace!

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Guess who's back?  DJ Nerstylist!!!!!!!!!!!

The incomparable DJ Nerstylist is back by very popular demand. Mixing in rare form, hip hop and soul on this blend titled "45 Soul volume 2". It's true we have similar tastes in music and our styles mirror each other. Nerstylist is one to watch, one to admire, and he's responsible for keeping a whole generation interested in the mix! So from the man who brought you "Forward Listening" and so much more, we present another soulful session on the wheels of steel!  Without further adieu, listen in and be sure to reach out to us via email or at Myspace. You can also find all his mixes at Feel My Grooves Vinyl!!

DJ Nerstylist

Feel My Grooves Record Store!



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Mixed Emotions Volume 1!

I took all the energy and excitement from my travels and set them to song. Here is the result, an intro by Poetic Sunshyne and a mix featuring Dessy di Lauro, Laurnea, Vertical Hold, DJ Tobi-Wan,  FaraOne4, Scratch One, DJ Ease, The Brass King, Michael Watford,  Defari, Diargi, Eleonora, Silhouette Brown, and loads more. Let me get this tracklist together. Shouts out to Kevin Tolliver, Sista Suga, Trel, and Gary Anderson.....

Stay tuned for new mixes by yours truly, the Brass King, and DJ Nerstylist. Mixtape format is in full effect and we aim to feature the deluge of soul talent. Thanks for tuning in and an extra special thanks to Brandi from the 24 hour Virtual Mall!    Next stop-Hamburg, Lyon, Gothenburg....


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