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DJ COA presents Gentle Aura 4: The Come Up!

DJ COA presents Gentle Aura 4: The Come Up!  We had to go back and re-upload the mix but it's on now! Check it, we put the following in the mix....Adi, Tony Ozier, L'Renee, Paul Mac Innes, Soul David , JT and Dirty Truth, Heavenly Noise, Groove Barcelona, The Brass King w/Fat Jon, Sandra St. Victor, Fertile Ground, and Foreign Exchange. This set is the prelude of the new mixtapes and podcasts coming at ya. We are going to the mixtape format for all shows so get ready to fill up your mp3 players in the mix.....

Support the show by downloading and telling a friend or ten. We need the love and support. Big things happening behind the scenes so bear with me. London bound, it's all about to take flight. Keep it locked in and locked on "Soul Music of the World"...

Yours truly,

DJ Come of Age

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