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Power Outage

I was really into this one. The lineup includes some dope exclusives, a couple of spoken word tracks, some hip hop, and a healthy portion of smooth grooves. Almost done and close to the 80 minute mark, the power went out in the neighborhood...guess it's one way to slow down the movement. ha ha So here is "Power Outage" which features the talent of Candis Francis, Eboni Wilson, Desdemona, Queen Sheba, Sticko Von Drake w/Camasiya, Reci Semien, Aaron Acosta, Celestial Dancer, Natalie BrownMooliBig Brooklyn Red, Niki Andre, Jo Beng, Dagga Layne, Slow-B Productions, and Flo..... Reach out to me at and check the links for the artists. This is your "free" mixtape. In a couple of weeks, all episodes will be done like the mixtapes we grew up on. Finally, thanks for your support. Find DJ COA at iTunes and CD . All music purchases go to support the show. Until next time, I hope the lights stay on....enjoy!!!

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